[Raaman Abdullah] un madhamaa yen madhamaa aandavan yendha madham …

Movie:Raaman Abdullah
Poet: Vaali
Singer: Nagoor E.m. Haniffa
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(2)-(5)-(2)-(3)

(1)Hey yethanaiyo sithanungha kathiyaachi,
kathi kathi thonda thanni vathiyaachi,
suthamaagha sonnadhellaam poralaiyaa,
mothamaaga kaadhula dhaan yeralaiyaa,

So many saints have been constantly shouting about it,
the shouting has gone on and on till the throats went dry,
was it not enough when explained in nice words,
has the message not reached your ears totally?

(2)un madhamaa yen madhamaa aandavan yendha madham,
nallavanga yem madhamo aandavan andha madham,
(3)ada pongadaa pongadaa pongadaa ,
pollaadha poosalum yesalum yenadaa,
kooda vaangadaa vaangadaa vangadaa ,
sollaadha sangadhi sollura keladaa,
andha aandavan dhaan christhuvanaa muslimmaa illa hinduvaa,

your religion? my religion?; which religion does God belong to?
god’s religion is that which good people belong to,
please move on,
why all this unwanted worship, unwanted practices?
please come with me,
I will tell you what has never been told to you,
is the God a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu?

(4)manasukkulla naaigalum narigalum naal vagai peigalum naattiyam aadudhadaa,
manidhan enum porvayil irukkudhu paarvayil nadakkudhu naan kanda mirugamadaa,
adayaarum thirundhalaiye idhukkaaga varundhalaiye,
neeyum naanum onnu idhu nijam dhaan manasula yennu,
poiyaiyum porattaiyum konnu indha bhoomiya pudhusaa pannu,
summaa sonnadha sonnadha sollavaa,
sollaamal yen vazhi yen vazhi sellavaa,
ada unnathaan nambhura nallavaa,
unnaala maarudhal vanthidum allavaa,

In every one’s heart dogs, foxes and devils are dancing,
these evil forces are in the disguise of a human, I can see these animals, it is visible in their vision (eyes),
no one changes for the good, no one repents for it,
you and me are equal, it is true, please keep this in mind,
kill the evil (false, deceit), make this earth a new place again,
shall I reiterate these things,
or shall I move on in my path,
oh good man(referring to children), I believe (and hopeful) that you will change this,
the change will be affected by you, is it not?

(5)kanakkil oru koottalum kazhithalum vaghuthalum perukkalum iruppadhu unmaiyadaa,
koottal mattum vaazhkkaiyil nadakkudhu paavatha perukkudhu idhu yenna jenmamadaa,
ippo pudhusaa kanakkezhudhu inghu varattum nalla pozhudhu,
adiye gnyaana thangham inghu naan oru gnyaana singham,
idha paarthaa poigalum odum rendu pottaa ulagam maarum,
ada paththiram paththiram paththiram,
thee kunaal pakkathil pakkathil varudhu,
idhu sathiyam sathiyam sathiyam,
sathiyathil sangadhi seekkiram varudhu,

In calculations there are additions, subtractions, divisions , multiplications,
but here, in life, only additions (in terms of desires for materialistic desires) are happening, the sins are getting multiplied, what a life is this?
start a new calculation from now, let the good times come back,
oh knowledgeable people, I am the lion in-terms of knowledge (means I am the realised one),
If evil see’s it , it will run away, it treated with a iron fist (hit it a couple of times), the world will change,
oh people! keep safe,
the fire ball is coming nearer,
this is true,
soon the time of truth will come!

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