[Youth] sandhosham sandhosham vaazhkaiyin paadhi balam…

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Poet: Vairamuthu
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Singer: S.P.Balasubramaniam
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(2)-(5)-(6)-(2)-(1)

(1)sandhosham sandhosham vaazhkaiyin paadhi balam,
sandhosham illai endraal manidharkku yedhu balam,

“happiness” is life’s half strength,
if it were not for happiness, where is the strength for humans,

(2)puyal mayyam kondaal mazhai mannil undu,
yendha theemai kullum siru nanmai undu,

just like there is rain after a storm,
similarly in every bad situation there is something good,

(3)vetriyai polave oru tholviyum nalladhadi,
vaeppampoovilum siru thenthuli ulladhadi,
kuttram sollaamal oru suttram illaiyadi,
ilaiyum punnagaiyaal nee iruttukku vellaiyadi,

just like victory, defeat is also good for a person,
even in the bitter flowers of neem, there is honey,
your relatives (people around you) may always criticize (complain about) you,
but with your smile, you can be the glimmer in the dark times,

(4)thavarugal panni panni thirundhiya piragudhaan naagarigam pirandhadhadi,
thavarugal kutram alla sarivugal veezhchi illa paadampadi pavazha kodi
ullam enbadhu kavalaigal nirappum kuppai thotti illai,
ullam enbadhu poonththotti aanaal naalai thunbam illai,

civility was born as a result of the numerous mistakes that were made and corrected,
mistakes are are not deadly sins, small slides are not fatal falls,
keep learning from them and move forward,
your heart is not a dustbin to be filled with worries,
if your heart can instead be transformed into a flower pot, there will be no sorrow in the future,

(5)aadhiyil aandavan indha bhoomiyai padaithhaane,
avan aasaiyai polave indha bhoomi amayalaye,
aandavan aasaiye ingu poiyaay poividil,
manithanin aasaigal meiyaavadhu saathiyamaa?

god made this world,
but the world did not turn out to be as he wished,
if god’s wishes themselves can go wrong,
how can we our wishes (of human’s) become true always?

(6)nanmai endrum theemai endrum naalu pergal solluvadhu,
namudaya pizhai illaiye, thoonbamendra sippikkuldhaan inbamendra muthu varum,
thunindhapin bayam illaiye,
kanneer thuliyil vairaingal seiyum kalaigal kandukol,
kaalukku seruppu yeppadi vandhadhu? mullukku nandri sol

what is good? what is bad? is just decided by the society around us,
it is not our fault,
inside the shell of sorrow, we get the pearl of joy,
once you dare there is no fear,
know the art of transforming your tear drops into diamonds,
how did the footwear come about for the feet? we should be thankful to the thorn for it (it was because of the thorn that we needed to invent footwear)

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