[Lee] yaaru yaaru netru saadhichadhu yaaru

First post of 2012, a motivational one, Work Hard! Win!

Movie: Lee
Poet: Pa.Vijay
Music Director: D.Imaan
Singer : Kailash Kher
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(1)-(7)-(8)

(1)yaaru yaaru netru saadhichadhu yaaru,
un pol en pol ingu ullavan dhaan paaru,

who were the achievers of yesterday?
they were people like you and me! 

(2) boologame oru kal thaanda,
palar vervai indri idhil poochenda,

this earth is nothing but a stone,
without the sweat of many people , how can flowers bloom in it, 
( all the good things we see are due to the collective hard work of many people) 

(3) nam netri vervai vandhu  nilathin madiyil vila vendum,
pinbu vinnil illai indha mannil sooriyanum thondrum,
avamanangal dhaan, ootachathaagum,

the sweat from our forehead should fall down on the lap of this earth (we should work hard),
then, not only in the sky , but even on this earth you will see the sun rise ( with hard work, there is a bright and prosperous future),
all the setbacks(disgrace) you go through now, will act as supplements for your victory in the future,

(4) malaiyodum modhidalaame, megamaai maarinaal,
neruppodum vaalnthidalaame, yaagamaai maarinaal,

one can even fight against the mighty mountains, if one turns him self into the cloud ( the rain from clouds can erode even the mighty mountains),
one can live even with fire, if he turns himself into the ritual of worshipping fire, ( one can live through bad times in life, by adapting to situations) 

(5) minsaara kambi ellam, paravaikku pon oonjale,
mutkal enbathai nesippom, mutrum enbadhai neetippom,

the electric wires across electric poles (which are supposedly dangerous), are nothing but a nice swing for the birds,
we should start to love thorns ( hardships), let us extend this world,

(6) endha sakthiyum santhippom, ada innum inbamum saathippom,

we can take on any invincible power, and with more happiness achieve heights, 

(7) kannadi saalaigal meedhum oorvalam pogalaam,
kaataaru paainthidum pothum vegamaai thaandalaam,

we can go on a procession even on roads made of broken glass,
even in the event of a wild(erratic) flow of the stream, we can cross it speedily, 

(8) thevai pudhu thannambikkai, idhu podhum jeyikkum un kai,
jaathi enbadhai paarthu dhaan saadhanai varuvathillayada,
ay na sabayin thalaimagane, karuppu inathin pillaiyadaa,

what we need is a new self confidence,  with it your hands (you) will win,
victory does not differentiate you based on your caste/creed/color,
the  chairman of UN ( Kofi Annan) is a none other than the son of a black race, 

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