[Paalum Palamum] ponal pogattum podaa…

Movie: Paalum Pazhamum
Poet : Kannadasan
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(5)-(1)-(1)-(2)-(1)-(1)-(1)

(1)ponaal pogattum podaa,
(2)indha bhoomiyil nilaiyaay vaalndhavar  yaaradaa?

if it went , let it be gone ,
In this earth , who is going to live permanently anyway?

(3)vandhadhu theriyum, povadhu enge vaasal namakkae theriyaadhu,
vandhavarellaam thangi vittal indha mannil namakke idamedhu,
vaalkkai enbadhu vyaabaaram,
varum jananam enbadhu varavaagum,
adhil maranam enbadhu selavaagum,

We know that we came ( how , when and where – all known ), what we don’t know is where we are going ,
If every one who came stays back, where is the space for all of us on this earth?
Life is,  but a business,
where birth is the income,
and death is the expenditure.

(4)iraval thandhavan ketkindraan adhai illaiyenraal avan viduvaanaa?
uravai  cholli aluvadhanaale uyirai meendum tharuvaanaa?
kookkuralaalae kidaikkaadhu
idhu courtukku ponaal jeyikkaadhu
andhak kottaiyil nulaindhaal thirumbaadhu

When the lender asks for his stuff back,  will he leave you when you refuse to give  back?
if you cry (plead) citing your relationship , will he give back the life ( that’s already left)?
even if you yell (shout, cry loudly) , you will not get it back
neither can you win it  in the court,
Once you enter that fortress (of death) , you can’t return

(5)elumbukkum sadhaikkum maruththuvam kanden,
idharkoru marundhai kandenaa?

irundhaal avalai thannanthaniye eriyum neruppil viduvenaa?
namakkum mele oruvanadaa
avan naalum therindha thalaivanadaa
dhinam naadagam aadum kalaignanada

I have found (seen/know) cure for the bones and flesh,
but why dint I find (seen/know ) a cure for this (death)?
If I had its cure , would I leave her alone in the burning fire ( signifying burning of body after death),
There is  one ( supreme /god) above us all,
he is the leader who knows everything,
who is an artist playing drama everyday.

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