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This song is played at the electric crematoriums in Tamil Nadu. Penned by #Vairamuthu, the song has such substance and poise. A few verses give us the whole philosophy of life and helps us embrace the death of dear ones! A must listen for everyone! Leaves you a bit heavy hearted and teary as well as lets one find courage to accept and hence liberate!

Thanks to lramchanda and Mohan Ekambaram for the suggestion.

Poet: Vairamuthu
Singer: Sudha Ragunathan
Raagam: Sivaranjani
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(6)-(7)-(8)-(9)-(10)

(1) ஜென்மம் நிறைந்தது சென்றவர் வாழ்க!
    சிந்தை கலங்கிட வந்தவர் வாழ்க!
    நீரில் மிதந்திடும் கண்களும் காய்க!
    நிம்மதி, நிம்மதி இவ்விடம் சூழ்க!

Jenmam niRaindhadhu sendRavar vaazhka!
sindhai kalangida vandhavar vaazhka!
neeril midhandhidum kaNkaLum kaaika!
nimmadhi nimmadhi ivvidam soozhka!

Hail the one who passed away (fulfilling their purpose in this birth)!
Hail the ones who came with a heavy heart (to pay homage to the dead)!
Let the eyes that float in tears dry!
Let peace surround this place!

(2) ஜனனமும் பூமியில் புதியது இல்லை,
    மரணத்தைப் போலொரு பழையதும் இல்லை,
    இரண்டும் இல்லாவிடில் இயற்கையும் இல்லை,
    இயற்கையின் ஆணைதான் ஞானத்தின் எல்லை!

Janamum poomiyil pudhiyadhu illai,
maraNathaip poaloru pazhaiyadhum illai,
iraNdum illaavidil iyaRkaiyum illai,
iyaRkaiyin aaNaidhaan nYaanathin ellai!

Birth ain’t a new thing on this earth,
There ain’t nothing as old as death,
If neither of these exist, nature does not exist!
The rules of the nature, is the limit of our knowledge (and hence learn to embrace it)!

(3) பாசம் உலாவிய கண்களும் எங்கே?
    பாய்ந்து துளாவிய கைகளும் எங்கே?
    தேசம் அளாவிய கால்களும் எங்கே?
    தீ உண்டது என்றது சாம்பலுமிங்கே!

paasam ulaaviya kaNkaLum engae
paaindhu thuLaaviya kaigaLum engae
thaesam aLaaviya kaalkaLum engae
thee uNdadhu endRadhu saampalumingae

Where are the eyes that gazed with abundant affection?
Where are the arms that embraced in love?
Where are the legs that roamed the length and breadth of the country?
Finally, the ashes that remain here tell us that fire consumed the body!

(4) கண்ணில் தெரிந்தது காற்றுடன் போக,
    மண்ணில் பிறந்தது மண்ணுடன் சேர்க,
    எலும்பு சதை கொண்ட உருவங்கள் போக,
    எச்சங்களால் அந்த இன்னுயிர் வாழ்க!

kaNNil therindhadhu kaatRudan poaga,
maNNil piRandhadhu maNNudan saerga
elumpu sadhai koNda uruvangaL poaga
echchangaLaal andha innuyir vaazhka

Let the one seen by the eyes, blend with the wind!
Let the one born on this soil, finally blend into the soil!
Let the form given by the bones and the flesh vanish,
Let the dear soul live as the remains (memory).

(5) பிறப்பு இல்லாமலே நாளொன்று இல்லை!
    இறப்பு இல்லாமலும் நாளொன்று இல்லை!
    நேசத்தினால் வரும் நினைவுகள் தொல்லை!
    மறதியைப் போலொரு மாமருந்தில்லை!

piRappu illaamalae naaLondRu illai!
iRappu illaamalum naaLondRu illai!
naesathinaal varum ninaivugaL thollai!
maRadhiyaip poaloru maamarundhillai!

There is not a day that passes without birth,
There is not a day that passes without death,
The problems are the resident memories formed by affection!
However, there is no greater medicine than forgetfulness (over time)!

(6) கடல் தொடும் ஆறுகள் கலங்குவதில்லை!
    தரை தொடும் தாரைகள் அழுவதும் இல்லை!
    நதி மழை போன்றதே விதி என்று கண்டும்
    மதி கொண்ட மானுடர் மயங்குவதென்ன?

kadal thodum aaRugaL kalanguvadhillai!
tharai thodum thaaraigaL azhuvadhum illai!
nadhi mazhai poandRadhae vidhi endRu kaNdum
madhi koNda maanudar mayanguvadhenna?

The rivers that merge into ocean don’t grieve,
The shooting stars which reaches the earth don’t cry, (for it is their destiny)
Having realised that human destiny is like that of the river and the rain,
why do the knowledgeable humans still repent?

(7) மரணத்தினால் சில கோபங்கள் தீரும்,
    மரணத்தினால் சில சாபங்கள் தீரும்,
    வேதம் சொல்லாததை மரணங்கள் கூறும்!
    விதை ஒன்று வீழ்ந்திடில் செடி வந்து சேரும்!

maraNathinaal sila koabangaL theerum,
maraNathinaal sila saabangaL theerum,
vaedham sollaadhadhai maraNangaL kooRum!
vidhai ondRu veezhndhidil sedi vandhu saerum!

Death would clear some of the angers (that lingered in one’s life),
Death would remove some of the curses (that made us suffer when we lived),
Death teaches us things that even the vedas don’t preach,
For every seed that fell, a plant will be born!
(Everything we did during our life, will have a consequence )

(8) பூமிக்கு நாமொரு யாத்திரை வந்தோம்,
    யாத்திரை தீரும் முன் நித்திரை கொண்டோம்!
    நித்திரை போவது நியதி என்றாலும்
    யாத்திரை என்பது தொடர் கதையாகும்!

poomikku naamoru yaathirai vandhoam,
yaathirai theerum mun nithirai koNdoam!
nithirai poavadhu niyadhi endRaalum
yaathirai enpadhu thodar kadhaiyaagum!

We came on a pilgrimage to this earth,
We fell asleep before we completed the journey, 
Although falling asleep is pre-destined,
The journey itself keeps going (is a continuing story)!

(9) தென்றலின் பூங்கரம் தீண்டிடும் போதும்
    சூரிய கீற்றொளி தோன்றிடும் போதும்
    மழலையின் தேன்மொழி செவியுறும் போதும்
    மாண்டவர் எம்முடன் வாழ்ந்திடக் கூடும்!

thendRalin poongaram theeNdidum poadhum
sooriya keetRoLi thoandRidum poadhum
mazhalaiyin thaenmozhi seviyuRum poadhum
maaNdavar emmudan vaazhndhidak koodum!

Whenever the breeze caresses tenderly,
Whenever the bright rays of the sunlight brighten up,
Whenever the sweet voice of a child reaches our ears,
The passed soul could live amidst us!
(As these remind of the memories of that person)

(10) மாண்டவர் சுவாசங்கள் காற்றுடன் சேர்க!
     தூயவர் கண்ணொளி சூரியன் சேர்க!
     பூதங்கள் ஐந்திலும் பொன்னுடல் சேர்க!
     போனவர் புண்ணியம் எம்முடன் சேர்க! (3)

maaNdavar suvaasangaL kaatRudan saerga!
thooyavar kaNNoLi sooriyan saerga!
poodhangaL aindhilum ponnudal saerga!
poanavar puNNiyam emmudan saerga!

Let the breath of the dead person blend with the air!
Let the light in the eyes of the pure soul blend into the sun!
Let the precious body blend into the five elements of nature!
Let the accrued good deeds and good karma come to us!

[jenmam nirainthu song lyrics and translation]




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  2. Nandakumar

    What a mesmerizing lines from poet Sir. Vairamuthu. After hearing to his lines it prompted me to change the old axiom “Thiruvasagathirku urugar aetharkum urgar” to “Thiruvasagathirku urugar vaira vasagathirku uruguvar”. I have made a humble attempt to translate his verse in the poetic form of English verse. It is very difficult to get the literal transposition, nevertheless I’ve put in my best of efforts in not distorting the original Tamil version. Please feel free to comment on my work. Your comments are greatly appreciated. If you like it please circulate it amongst your known circle.

    Dirge for the Dead

    Hail the one who ceased to dwell
    Hail the one here who hear the knell
    Let the teary eyes dry
    Let peace prevail thereby

    Nothing is new like birth
    Nothing is as old as death
    Nature is without either of them
    Nature’s decree is brink of wisdom

    Whither goes the caring eyes
    And groping hands in skies
    Legs that paced the ground
    Burnt to ashes where to be found

    Vision that vanished with wind
    Earthy born earthly pinned
    Flesh and bone depart from home
    With the remains of the soul our memory roam

    Not a day without the birth
    Not a day without the death
    Fond memories buried deeper
    Poor memory is the greatest healer

    Rivers that touch the sea don’t languish
    Shooting stars don’t cry in anguish
    River and rain are nature’s fate
    Yet our minds fail to gestate

    With the death our anger will go
    Along with that our curse will follow
    Death spells what the scriptures failed to tell
    For a seed that fell there grows a plant as well

    We came to earth as a journey
    Ere reaching we slumber on a gurney
    Though the slumber is eventual
    The journey is perpetual

    When the flowery hands of the breeze touch us
    When the streak of sunlight is superfluous
    When we hear the prattling of the baby talk
    We are sure that the dead ones still stalk

    Let the dead ones breath mix with the air
    Let their vision blend with the sun and pair
    Let their precious body alloy with the five elements
    Let their good deeds shower upon us

    By Conjeevaram J Nandakumar

    1. Arunn T

      The line “Shooting Stars don’t cry in anguish”
      must be read as

      The “Pouring Rains don’t cry in anguish”

      The original translation was wrong.

      Nice job!

  3. kumanavannan

    I’m making an independent music video with this song, and would like to use the beautifully translated words to put as the subtitles. what are the procedures for me to do so? is it suffiecient if i credited lyricaldelights.com?

  4. vaishnavi

    Plz tell, jenmam niraidhadhu song related to another song in same raagam if ans is yes plz send that song mp3 format

    1. Aadhirai

      Dear Vaishnavi,

      The song is based on the Raagam Sivaranjani.
      The Lingashtagam is in the same raagam with a faster tempo. There are also many songs in tamil movies based on this raagam.



    Lyricaldelights Vanakam ji,

    Vairamuthu ji is a kind noble soul, Even DEATH can not cease his Omnipotent & Ubiquitous Song.

    I am trying to translate this song in HINDi for maximum reach, Bless me for this Venture,

  6. Shrinivasan P

    Dear Sir,

    Firstly I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this post. I shall kindly request you to please mail me the pdf version so that the same can be saved and kept with me.

    P Shrinivasan

  7. Shrinivasan P

    Dear Sir,

    After 8th stanza you have directly given 10th stanza, is it numbering mistake or one stanza is missing.

    P Shrinivasan

    1. Aadhirai

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know of your thoughts. As noted, it is a numbering mistake. Thank you for pointing it out to us. The number has been revised. The pdf will be mailed to you shortly.


  8. Nagaratnam Jeyasreedharan

    What an insightful, soulful and blissful song. Bless the Tamil language, the poet, the lyrics and its translators.

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  10. Arunn T

    The rivers that merge into ocean don’t grieve,
    The shooting stars which reaches the earth don’t cry, (for it is their destiny)
    Having realised that human destiny is like that of the river and the rain,
    why do the knowledgeable humans still repent?

    The second line: Its not “Shooting Stars”
    it must be

    The “Pouring Rains”

like aa? no like aa? tell us please!