Truly wonderful composition
Poet and Music Director
: Paapanaasam sivan

Movie: Ashok kumar
Singer: M.K Thyagaraja bhagavathar
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(4)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(8)-(8)

(1)பூமியில் மானிட ஜென்மம் அடைந்தும் ஓர் 
புண்ணியம் இன்றி விலங்குகள் போல் 

bhoomiyil maanida jenmam adaindumor,
punniyam indri vilangugal pol,

Inspite of being born as human on this earth (supposed to be a superior birth),
we don’t live a virtuous( meritorious)  life , instead we live like animals,

 (2)காமமும் கோபமும்  உள்ளம் நிரம்பவி

kaamamum kobamum ullam nirambaveen,

Unwantedly (unfortunately), lust and anger are filled in our hearts,

 (3)காலமும் செல்லமடிந்திடமோ

kaalamum sella madindhidamo,

we kill time ( as time passes we go down),

(4)உத்தம மானிடராய் பெரும் புண்ணிய
நல்வினையால் உலகில் பிறந்தோம் 

uththama maanidaraai perum punniya,
nalvinaiyaal ulagil pirandhom,

Due to the  deeds of virtuous and ideal noble human’s,
we are all blessed to be born and living in this world,

 (5)சத்திய ஞான தயாநிதி யாகிய
(6)புதரை போற்றுதல் நம் கடனே

sathiya nyaana dayaanidhiyaagiya,
budharai potrudhal nam kadane,

The one who is an embodiment of truth, knowledge, and treasure house of compassion,
is Lord Buddha , and to  revere (pray) to  him is our duty,


(7)உன்மையும் ஆருயிர் அன்பும் அகிம்சையும்
இல்லையெனில்ன்னர ஜென்மம்மிதே
(8)மண்மீதிலோர் சுமயே பொதிதாங்கிய
பாழ்மரமே வெரும் பாமரமே

unmaiyum aaruyir anbum ahimsaiyum.
illaiyenil nara jenmamidhe,
manmeedhilor sumaye podhithaangiya,
paalmarame verum paamarame,

If we don’t live on the principles of truth, love for all living creatures and nonviolence ,
then this human birth is a burden for earth, just like a load bearing dead tree. It is a low creature
 [Thanks to Dr.Sethu for the translation]




  1. Dr. Sethuraman Subramanian

    Line #7 needs a revision in its meaning.
    nara janmam = human birth.
    Line 7 continues into line 8 to read:
    narajanmamidhE maNmIdhilOr sumaiyE
    podhi tAngiya pAzhmaramE

    So meaning for line 7 and 8:
    If we do not practice truth, love and nonviolence, this human birth (nara janmam) is a burden (sumaiyE) for earth (maN mIdhilE). It is a load-bearing (podhi tAngiya) dead tree (pAzh maram). It is a low creature (pAmaramE).

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