This Page is to share interesting tit bits about everything Tamil (language, people, culture), as we come across.

1) Yaar Bharathi? A beautiful documentary on Bharathiyaar.


2) What is Tamil to you? It was everything to Bharathidasan, wonderful lines. The singing is flawless and well the actor emotes the expression perfectly…

Movie: Panjavarnakkili
Poet: Bharathidasan
Singer: P Suseela
Music: M S Viswanathan , T K Ramamoorty
Song Sequence: (1)-(1)-(2)-(3)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(5)-(5)-(6)-(7)-(7)-(1)-(8)-(9)-(9)-(1)



3) A documentary on the temples of Tanjore, and the legacy of Raja Raja Cholan….


4) Makes me feel so proud every time I listen to this 🙂

Poet: Karunanidhi
Music: A.R Rahman
Event: World Classical Tamil Conference 2010



interesting (old) documentary on Indian temples.


Dedicated to a mathematician par excellence, a Tamilian, Srinivasa Ramanujan . Its a pity that he died so early. True Genius.


A documentary about Poompuhar…


A video of old Madurai


A documentary of Anna


  1. Julia

    The documentary that you have posted about “incredible Tamilnadu” revealed the originality of our state. I have the whole series DVD collection. It is a documentary which captured the incredible richness and diversity of India. Michael Wood did a good job of presenting it. Thanks for posting such videos.


  2. Aadhira

    Here is a beautiful tribute to Bharathi, through singing (Carnatic), dancing (Bharatham) and translating his verses into English. Just not the popularized verses, but also some rare and precious ones. Do check the link and it is worth and pure joy for 90 minutes. I am sure you will love this video. Link is to the youtube video titled “Bond with the Bard”

  3. B Jo

    Some of the videos are not working “A documentary of Anna”, “A documentary on the temples of Tanjore, and the legacy of Raja Raja Cholan…”, and the second one on this list

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